In love with art

When people find out I spent most of my youth traveling from one place to another and that we had  been living practically in the wilderness for about three years, they somehow suppose I didn’t get proper education and was generally deprived of everything else that was available to ‘normal’ kids leading a well-off, sedentary life. But as a matter of fact, my parents took great care of our schooling.

They taught me and my sister how to read, write and count. We had a large collection of books which were basically the only way to entertain ourselves amidst the woods of Wisconsin. In the evening, we would sit by the fire and dad would tell us about dinosaurs and mammoths, ancient civilizations and great voyagers, planets and stars… Those stories were like fairy tales to us. Mom taught us poems and songs, she taught my sister to play guitar (I turned out to have no ear for music). She was a great fan of culture and art. Whenever we came to a new city, she would take us ‘on a tour.’ We would visit every museum, take a photo under every monument and buy tickets to every theater performance we could make to.

Due to her efforts, I grew up with a great passion for art in all its forms. So when I finally settled down and bought my own place to live, I spent all the money I still had on decorations for my new lodgment. I filled empty rooms with sculptures and craftwork and covered bare walls with paintings. I thought I wouldn’t be able to afford it, but I found a site that literally saved my budget 🙂 It was a web gallery of Leonid Afremov, a wonderful modern artist who paints amazing canvases full of color and life! Once I saw them, I knew they had to hang right here, in my new home. Besides, the prices were quite affordable.

But I still hesitated whether to trust this unknown web store or not. I was afraid Leonid Afremov and his site might be some kind of imposture and I would only lose money. But since I didn’t find any negative feedback from other buyers, I decided to take my chance. And it worked out 🙂

  • The paintings arrived within a few days, safely packed and signed by the artist.
  • I wasn’t charged for delivery. I was totally free.
  • I also received a certificate confirming the authenticity of the canvases.

Now these beautiful paintings decorate the walls of my house and caress my sight every time I cast a look at them 🙂 You should really see for yourself! I have no doubt Leonid Afremov’s art will captivate you just as much as it captivated me 🙂



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